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Thousands of commercial property owners across Wisconsin are benefiting from cost segregation services. They enjoy an increase in their cash flow by 5% – 8% of their building’s costs due to the dedicated team of professionals at CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC serving Wisconsin.

If you’re a commercial property owner located in Wisconsin, you can join the thousands of business owners who have already received a cost segregation study. Whether you are in Milwaukee or Madison, you can increase your income tax savings when working with CSSI®. Get started on saving with a no-cost analysis today.

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How Cost Segregation Services, LLC in Wisconsin Saves You Money

At CSSI®, we often tell our clients, It’s your money. Keep more of it. Our mission is to save you money on your income taxes by providing an engineering-based cost segregation study. This study reduces the amount of income taxes you owe by accelerating the depreciation schedule of eligible building components.

Cost segregation services for Wisconsin property owners reduce the depreciation schedule from the standard 27.5- and 39-year schedule to 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule depending on the components. This increases your cash flow by lowering the amount of taxes you owe.

The best part is that cost segregation services for Wisconsin are an option for most commercial property owners. If your building was acquired after December 31, 1986, and has a cost basis of at least $150,000, then you are likely eligible for a cost segregation study. Whether you own a hotel with a view of Lake Michigan in Sheboygan or a shopping center in Janesville, we are ready to help you keep more of your money.

What You Can Do with Your Savings from Cost Segregation Services in Wisconsin

Many commercial property owners who receive cost segregation services in Wisconsin use their savings to:

The possibilities are endless, and how you use your savings is up to you. Get started with a no-cost analysis or talk to a CSSI® representative.

Popular Commercial Properties for Cost Segregation Services in Wisconsin

We can perform cost segregation services on any commercial building in any industry as long as it meets the cost basis and build-date requirements. Don’t risk paying more – get started on a cost segregation study today and save more.

Cost Segregation Services, LLC Serves All of Wisconsin

No matter where you are located in Wisconsin or across the United States, our team of professionals is ready to provide cost segregation services. Wisconsin commercial property owners are taking advantage of their savings – you can too.

With more than 45,000 studies completed, we’ll facilitate the maximum income tax savings. Don’t pay more than you have to – call today.

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