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Why Cost Segregation?

What if this could be the year you take that large on your income tax return? You could possibly get thousands, and possibly millions in positive cash flow.  If this sounds too good to be true, we can assure you …

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Since 2003, we have completed thousands of CSSI® Studies. Our CSSI® Studies have been performed for commercial property owners in every state of the U.S. CSSI® representatives bring the personal and professional attention that every commercial property owner and their CPA needs to assure the proper engineer-based cost segregation result, according to the U.S. tax code rules.

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IRS Sending Letters Related to Qualified Opportunity Funds (IR 2020-274)

The IRS has started sending letters to taxpayers “who may need to take additional actions” …

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IRS Issues Like-kind Exchange Final Regs (TD 9935)

The IRS has issued final regs to implement recent statutory changes to Code §1031 regarding …

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How to Identify a Quality Cost Segregation Study?

By: Tim Ibbotson The Service has emphasized “corroborating evidence” and “factually intensive documentation.” The underlying …

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The 2020 Tax Season Holds Unique Challenges for Tax Advisors

By: David Deshotels Just like everything else in the year 2020, the 2020 Tax Season …

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Safe Harbor for Certain PPP Loan Participants (Rev. Proc. 2020-51)

The IRS has issued a safe harbor allowing a taxpayer to claim a deduction in …

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Congress Acts on Expense Deductibility When a PPP Loan Is Forgiven

Normally, when a debt is cancelled or forgiven, Code §61(a)(11) dictates that the amount forgiven …