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Cost Segregation Studies for Warehouses

CSSI® has conducted over 45,000 engineering-based studies nationwide since 2003. Our team of professionals are the industry-leading experts on performing studies for warehouses. Whether your warehouse is for retail or industrial use, you can significantly reduce federal income taxes through our cost segregation studies.

Realize your warehouse’s maximum tax savings with a cost segregation study that will accelerate the depreciation of your building’s components. When you decrease your depreciation schedule from the standard 39-year class life to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives, you get the reduced taxable income needed to grow your company.

Save Thousands on Your Warehouse Building

As with other commercial properties, warehouses contain many components that qualify for accelerated depreciation. These components can result in additional savings when you have CSSI® conduct a cost segregation study based on real costs.

Warehouse components that qualify for shorter class lives include:

Why Warehouse Building Owners Need a Cost Segregation Study

With an increase in cash flow, you can pay down debt, make renovations, and do more to grow your commercial business. The possibilities of what you can accomplish with your tax savings are endless.

We perform studies on several types of warehouses, including:

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A typical cost segregation study from CSSI® takes approximately six weeks to complete. Our team pays attention to detail throughout the entire process while working with you and your tax professional. We ensure you’re receiving the highest income tax savings on your warehouse by paying personal and professional attention to your study on a level that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Contact us today to maximize your warehouse’s savings.