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Cost Segregation for Retail Stores

At CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, Inc., we help retail business owners increase their income tax savings with a cost segregation study. These savings can be used to grow and expand your retail business. Thanks to your unique interior and exterior equipment, such as structures and signage, you can lower your taxable income and grow your business.

Increase Your Income Tax Savings with a Cost Segregation Study on Your Retail Building

A cost segregation study reclassifies components of your property to accelerate the rate of depreciation. Instead of the normal 39-year rate, these reclassified assets depreciate on a 5-, 7-, or 15-year rate.

The increased rate of depreciation means you have less taxable income and more savings. At CSSI®, we want to help you keep more of your money. Reinvest in your retail store, pay down debt, or put your money where you need it most. Contact us today and let us help you increase your savings.

Components of Your Retail that Qualify for Accelerated Depreciation

Our team of professionals examines all structures and equipment to ensure you get the savings you qualify for. We also keep you in compliance by completing the study within U.S. tax code and working with your tax professionals to apply the results. Trust the professionals at CSSI® and get more savings on your retail store.

Do You Qualify for a Cost Segregation Study?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then CSSI® can help increase your savings.

Contact CSSI® for a Cost Segregation Study on Your Retail Property

With more than 20,000 cost segregation studies completed across the nation since 2003, we have the experience and knowledge to perform a study on your retail property. Contact us for a no-cost analysis and see your potential savings.