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Commercial property owners from Chicago to Carbondale and throughout Illinois can benefit from cost segregation services. The team of professionals at CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC in Illinois regularly increases commercial property owners’ cash flow by 5% – 8% of their building’s costs.

Stop paying more in income tax savings than you need to with a cost segregation study, and start enjoying all the business Prairie State has to offer your company. Get started with a no-cost analysis today.

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How Cost Segregation Services Maximizes Savings in Illinois

The commercial property owners who make the smart choice to get cost segregation services for their Illinois commercial property often use their savings to:

What you do with your income tax savings is up to you! At Cost Segregation Services, LLC, we aim to provide Illinois commercial property owners with maximum income tax savings with an engineering-based cost segregation study.

We use this method because it is the most accurate and ensures maximum income tax savings. Our detail-oriented team of professionals examines and accelerates the class life of every eligible component. Instead of the standard 27.5- and 39-year class lives, your components will depreciate on a 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule. This acceleration reduces the amount of taxes you owe on your property and increases your cash flow.

Whether you own a hotel in the state capital of Springfield or a restaurant that overlooks Lake Michigan, we can provide you with cost segregation services for your Illinois commercial property.

Eligible Buildings in Illinois for Cost Segregation Services

CSSI® can provide cost segregation services in Illinois to practically any commercial building. If your property was acquired after December 31, 1986, and has a cost basis of at least $150,000, we can increase your income tax savings.

The most common buildings we’ve provided cost segregation services to in Illinois include:

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Cost Segregation Services, LLC Serves Illinois Commercial Property Owners

We make it easy for commercial property owners in Illinois and across the nation to benefit from an engineering-based cost segregation study. With more than 45,000 studies completed, you’ll know our experienced team of professionals maximizes savings for you. So, stay compliant and increase your income tax savings when you call Cost Segregation Services, LLC serving Illinois.

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