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CSSI®, Cost Segregation Services, LLC, is the leading cost segregation company serving Seattle and the United States. By providing engineering-based cost segregation analyses, we help you maximize your tax savings and comply with U.S tax guidelines.

Whether you have a skyscraper overlooking Lake Washington or you own a small boutique near Seattle Art Museum, CSSI® can help you save THOUSANDS of dollars on your income taxes. Start with a no-cost analysis of your building and see what savings you could get.

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A Seattle Cost Segregation Company That Keeps More Money in Your Hand

Our cost segregation company serving Seattle accelerates the depreciation schedule of building features to lower your taxable income.

Using an engineering-based approach, our cost segregation company accelerates depreciation schedules from the traditional 27.5-year or 39-year schedules to 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedules. This method lowers your taxable income so that you pay a lesser amount in taxes and have more cash flow.

Our proven method ensures that you are compliant with U.S. tax guidelines. We also work closely with your tax consultant to make sure the study is correctly applied to your taxes. Save more money by working with CSSI®; a Seattle cost segregation company serving you.

Our Seattle Cost Segregation Company Analyzes All Commercial Buildings

Cost segregation services are available for most commercial buildings in Seattle. So, whether you own an outdoors/sports store off of Elliott Bay or a financial institution near King County International Airport, you can save 5%-8% of your building’s costs.

We can help you save on income tax if your building meets two requirements.

We are the most experienced cost segregation company in Seattle and the United States, having provided over 45,000 studies on commercial buildings of every type. Our Seattle cost segregation company provided studies for all types of commercial buildings, including:

Cost Segregation Services, LLC Will Provide a No-Cost Analysis of Your Property

See how much money you can save by having our Seattle cost segregation company evaluate your commercial property and provide a no-cost predictive analysis. This analysis will tell you the potential savings you could get with an engineering-based cost segregation study from CSSI®. After the analysis, you can plan how you will use your savings. 

Many commercial building owners use their savings to:

There are many options. For more information, contact our Seattle cost segregation company today and get a no-cost analysis.