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Cost segregation studies for San Antonio commercial property owners helps to save them money on their income taxes. CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC has conducted over 45,000 cost segregation studies in San Antonio and beyond, saving building owners BILLIONS in the process.

Whether you own a retail storefront in Castle Hills or a manufacturing plant in the South Side of San Antonio, you may be eligible for a cost segregation study. Join the thousands of business owners who have secured the benefits of a cost segregation study by CSSI®. Talk to our representatives and get a no-cost predictive analysis today.

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What Is a Cost Segregation Study for San Antonio Commercial Property Owners?

Cost segregation studies for San Antonio property owners work by providing detailed reports that accelerate the depreciation of eligible building components. To accelerate depreciation, our team of professionals analyzes your building and assets according to the U.S. tax code using a set of engineering-based calculations.

If your building qualifies, instead of the traditional 27.5- or 39-year depreciation schedule, your building’s eligible components will depreciate on an accelerated 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule. This ensures that you get the maximum savings come tax time.

It’s your money. Keep more of it.

How Does a Cost Segregation Study in San Antonio Benefit You?

Whether you own a hotel in the heart of downtown or a warehouse near the South Side, a cost segregation study for your San Antonio commercial property can increase your savings. You could save up to $100,000 for every $1 million in building costs within the first five years of owning your commercial building.

As your San Antonio cost segregation study provider, our team of professionals provides a detailed report that reduces your taxable income. Commercial property owners in San Antonio who get a cost segregation study use their tax savings from to:   

If you own commercial property in San Antonio, partnering with CSSI® for a comprehensive cost segregation study will help you keep more of your money. Contact our team today and get started.

No-Cost Analysis for Your San Antonio Cost Segregation Study

Get a predictive analysis of your commercial building for no cost. As long as your building was acquired after December 31st, 1986, and has a cost-basis of over $150,000, you’re eligible for a cost segregation study in San Antonio. Our predictive, no-cost analysis will show you how much you could save when you get a cost segregation study for your San Antonio property.

CSSI® The Premier Cost Segregation Study Provider for San Antonio and The Nation

With over 45,000 cost segregation studies conducted across the U.S., CSSI® is the premier provider of detailed cost segregation studies for San Antonio and the entire nation. Join the thousands who’ve saved with a cost segregation study from CSSI® today. Call our team of professionals and get ready to save. 

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