Funeral Homes

Increase Your Tax Savings

Cost Segregation Studies for Funeral Homes

Property owners of funerals homes can maximize their tax savings with a cost segregation study from CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC. CSSI® has completed cost segregation studies for funeral home property owners since 2003 and can help you increase your tax savings as well. Get the increased cash flow you need for your business today by contacting our representatives.

Funeral Home Owners Can Save Billions with a Cost Segregation Study

Funeral homes typically include many short-life building components in the property. A cost segregation study accelerates the depreciation schedule of those building components from the standard 39-year class lives to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives to reduce your taxable income.

When our team of professionals conducts your cost segregation study, we evaluate all areas of your funeral home, including offices, common areas, visitation rooms, and preparation areas to ensure you get your maximum tax savings.

Maximize your tax savings today and increase your cash flow by contacting CSSI® for a cost segregation study on your funeral home.

What Qualifies Your Funeral Home for a Cost Segregation Study?

To benefit from a cost segregation study on your funeral home, you must meet the following three qualifications.

Contact CSSI® for a No-Cost Analysis of Your Potential Savings

We’ve completed more than 45,000 cost segregation studies since 2003, and our team of professionals is ready to lower your taxable income no matter where you’re located in the U.S.

To get an estimate of your potential savings, contact us for a no-cost preliminary analysis. It’s your money – keep more of it with a quality cost segregation study from CSSI®.