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From the proprietors of grocery stores in Corktown to dental practices in Midtown Detroit, commercial building owners are securing significant savings through Detroit cost segregation studies. With CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC as your partner, your cash flow could soar by 5%-8% of your facility’s total cost.

Quit paying more than necessary on your income taxes and start amplifying your savings – connect with our specialists today for a no-cost, predictive assessment of your building.

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What Does a Detroit Cost Segregation Study Entail?

To optimize your financial benefits, our skilled team employs engineering-based methodologies to fast-track the depreciation of qualified elements of your property. By shortening standard 27.5- or 39-year depreciation timetables to spans of 5-, 7-, or 15-years, you substantially mitigate your tax obligations.

Partnering with CSSI® can net you up to $100,000 in savings for every $1 million in facility costs. Call today to start your saving journey with a Detroit cost segregation study.

How to Allocate Your Detroit Cost Segregation Study Gains

Whether you’re the owner of a boutique hotel in Downtown Detroit or a storage unit complex in the outskirts, you have the freedom to allocate your money from your study as you see fit. Our clients often elect to utilize their additional capital to:

Your commercial building qualifies for a Detroit cost segregation study as long as it has an initial cost base of $150,000 minimum and was acquired after December 31, 1986. Contact our team today to substantially enhance your financial flexibility.

Receive a No-Cost Predictive Analysis from CSSI®

As a frontrunner in conducting cost segregation studies not just in Detroit but across the nation, CSSI® has completed more than 45,000 studies, conserving billions for commercial property owners. We seamlessly collaborate with your tax advisor to guarantee that your maximized savings are applied accurately.

Contact us today for a no-cost, predictive analysis of your commercial facility and discover your untapped financial potential.