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Delaware is known for lenient taxes for businesses, but have you heard of the income tax saving opportunity of a cost segregation study in Delaware? At CSSI® – Cost Segregaiton Services, LLC, our team of professionals helps you save up to $100,000 for every $1 million in building costs on your income taxes.

So whether you own a commercial building in Millsboro or Middletown, we help you significantly increase your savings so you can spend your money where you need to.

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What is a Cost Segregation Study in Delaware?

When a commercial building owner wants to save significantly on their income taxes, our team of professionals accelerates the depreciation schedules of eligible building components according to U.S. tax code guidelines.

The schedules are accelerated from the traditional 39-year and 27.5-year depreciation plans to 5-, 7-, or 15-year plans. When we accelerate the depreciation schedule using a cost segregation study in Delaware, you, as the owner of the building, owe less on income taxes and keep more of your money.

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How Much Can You Save with a Cost Segregation Study in Delaware?

Our team of professionals maximizes your savings with our engineering-based approach. We account for every eligible component in order to save you up to 5%-8% of your building’s costs.

What you do with your savings is up to you! Many commercial building owners use their savings from a cost segregation study in Delaware to:

Is Your Building Eligible For A Cost Segregation Study? ​

Most commercial buildings are eligible for a cost segregation study in Delaware. Your building must only meet two requirements:

We can perform a cost segregation study in Delaware on any type of building. From a car dealership in Dover to a restaurant in Milford, we have you covered with significant savings.

Get a No-Cost Predictive Analysis of Your Commercial Building

As the leading provider of cost segregation studies in Delaware and across the nation, we provide you with a no-cost predictive analysis of your commercial building. See your potential savings when you trust the experts at CSSI®.