Increase Your Washington Business’s Cashflow with Cost Segregation Services

From the Rocky Mountains to Fort Worden Beach on the Pacific Ocean coastline, commercial property owners are taking advantage of the tax-saving benefits of cost segregation services. Since 2003, CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC has been conducting cost segregation studies on commercial properties throughout Washington and the U.S. to help property owners realize the income tax savings they can receive from cost segregation services.

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Save on your income taxes and keep more of your money with a cost segregation study for your commercial property in Washington.

Cost Segregation Services from CSSI ® Can Save You Thousands

Cost segregation services are a way to increase your cash flow. By identifying the parts of your building that qualify for shorter recovery periods, our team of professionals reclassifies components of your building within U.S. tax code to produce additional depreciation deductions. And, in turn, reduce the amount of taxes you owe.

No matter where your property is located in Washington, we are available to conduct a comprehensive cost segregation study and work with your tax professional to ensure your savings are accurately applied to your taxes.

Applying Cost Segregation Services to Your Commercial Property in Washington

According to the tax code rulings, a cost segregation study can be applied to buildings acquired after December 31, 1986, which also includes renovations. Cost segregation services can be applied to a variety of commercial building types in almost any industry.

By separating out the unique components, we are able to accelerate depreciation, which maximizes your savings. Some of the common components include:

Does Your Washington Property Qualify for a Cost Segregation Study?

We’ve delivered cost segregation studies throughout Washington and the rest of the U.S. on properties ranging from $200,000 to $750 million in cost. As an experienced cost segregation study provider, we make it easy for you to maximize the benefits of having a cost segregation study conducted on your Washington commercial property.

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With a no-cost analysis, you are able to see your potential savings risk-free. Let our team of professionals at CSSI® help you realize your savings today.