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If you are a commercial property owner in Virginia, voted #1 state for business, you should be using every tax-saving opportunity to your advantage. CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC in Virginia provides business owners with the opportunity to increase their cash flow by 5%-8% of their building costs with a cost segregation study.

Whether you own a retail store in the state capital of Richmond, VA, or a restaurant in Virginia Beach, CSSI® can provide you with cost segregation services in Virginia.

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How Cost Segregation Services for Virginia Properties Increase Tax Savings

Cost segregation services for your Virginia commercial property result in accelerated depreciation of eligible building components. When we complete the study, the depreciation schedule of eligible building components shortens from 27.5 or 39 years to 5, 7, or 15 years. These shortened depreciation schedules reduce your taxable income and income tax liability, so you have more cash flow.

Our team of professionals provides cost segregation services in Virginia with precision and according to tax law to keep you compliant. The professional and personal level of attention we give to each study results in maximum income tax savings.

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What You Can Do with Your Savings from Cost Segregation Services in Virginia

Many commercial property owners in Virginia use the savings from their cost segregation study to:

Whether you own a hotel near Scott Stadium or a water park near Lake Michigan, cost segregation services for your Virginia commercial property can significantly increase your cash flow. What you do with your newfound savings is up to you!

Properties in Virginia Eligible for Cost Segregation Services

Our team of professionals provides cost segregation services to thousands of commercial property owners in Virginia and throughout the United States. Most buildings are eligible and must only meet the following criteria:

With our cost segregation services in Virginia, we maximize your savings, no matter what type of building you own, by depreciating every eligible component. That could include:

  • Carpet, Flooring, and Decorative Molding
  • Built-in Cabinets and Countertops
  • Window Treatments and Coverings
  • Landscaping, Irrigation, and Fencing
  • Paving and Sidewalks
  • And More

If your commercial property meets the above criteria, contact us today. We provide cost segregation services in Virginia for all types of buildings in all industries. Get a predictive, no-cost analysis.

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We’ve been providing cost segregation services to Virginia commercial property owners and owners throughout the United States since 2003. Trust our experienced team of professionals to get your maximum income tax savings. You could be one of the thousands of commercial property owners who have taken advantage of this tax-saving opportunity when you call us today.

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