Are You Taking Advantage of Cost Segregation Services as an Indiana Property Owner?

Savvy commercial property owners in Indiana are taking advantage of beneficial cost segregation services that provide them with an increase in tax savings and more money in the bank. From newly constructed buildings to acquired existing buildings and even leasehold improvements, this tax method can provide you with huge tax savings. But, how do you take advantage of this tax method and become one of the savvy commercial property owners of Indiana?

Since 2003, CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC has helped Indiana property owners by partnering with them and providing cost segregation services. Whether you own a hotel near Michigan City and the beaches or you own a restaurant near The Children’s Museum in downtown Indianapolis, you can fuel your company with cost segregation services and realize the savings you deserve.

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How Cost Segregation Services Will Help Your Indiana Business

Cost segregation is a method that commercial property owners can use to accelerate their building’s depreciation, which reduces the amount of taxes owed on the property. Accelerating from the conventional 27.5- and 39-year class lives, cost segregation services shorten the depreciation of the building or renovation components to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives.

In short, our engineering-based method results in a much higher depreciation expense and a significantly reduced taxable income for you. Indiana property owners that we’ve built successful relationships with through a beneficial study have used their substantially increased cash flow to reinvest into their business, purchase additional property, pay down their principal payment, and even eliminate debt. Ultimately, it is your money to use how you choose.

What Can Cost Segregation Services in Indiana be Applied To?

Tax code rulings for cost segregation are in your favor as they state cost segregation services can be applied to categories of building purchased or built after December 31, 1986, including renovations. You don’t even have to amend your tax return.

A CSSI® study will provide you and your tax professional with the calculations for various components and building systems. These calculations may be necessary to execute the “Repair Regulations” categories.

Cost segregation services in Indiana can be applied to all types of buildings as it separates the components for accelerated depreciation. Common components include:

CSSI® Provides Cost Segregation Services Throughout Indiana

As an experienced cost segregation services provider in Indiana, we make it easy for those who own or lease commercial property to get all the benefits of cost segregation services in Indiana. From Michigan City to Scottsburg, and everywhere in between, we can provide the tax savings you deserve no matter where you are located. With a no-cost review, we show you your potential savings without any risk. Trust the experts at CSSI® and get the savings that other Indiana property owners are already enjoying.  

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