Why is Cost Segregation Services, LLC (CSSI), the best cost segregation company in New Mexico, important to business owners?

Through our money-saving tax strategies, CSSI has saved commercial property owners in the state of New Mexico MILLIONS of dollars over the past ten years.

Our predictive analysis is always available to you at no cost. We engage directly with you, the building owner, and work in conjunction with you and your tax professional.

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Are you doing everything you can to maximize your tax savings from your owned or leased commercial property? CSSI is the best cost segregation company to deliver the solutions that New Mexico businesses need to realize these tax savings. A CSSI associate will provide, at no cost, an explanation of your potential tax savings.

It’s your money, keep more of it.

For almost twenty years, Cost Segregation Services, LLC has been delivering quality, affordable, engineering-based cost segregation studies to a wide range of investors and businesses throughout New Mexico. As an experienced cost segregation company, CSSI has completed over 45,000 studies on properties ranging from $150,000 to $1.5 billion in cost. In addition to our local presence in New Mexico, our national coverage and extensive expertise allow us to provide essential tax savings tools to commercial property owners across the United States.

At Cost Segregation Services, LLC, our focus and objective are clear: facilitating available tax savings for our clients. Our team of experts will work with your tax professional to apply the results of your study to your current year’s tax return. Your CSSI associate will bring the personal and professional attention that every commercial property owner and their tax professional need to ensure the proper result. CSSI is the best cost segregation company in New Mexico and provides engineering-based cost segregation applications throughout the U.S.

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