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Whether you’re the owner of a shopping center near Highland Park or a restaurant along the Detroit River, you have the opportunity to save money with CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC. As a leading cost segregation company in Detroit and throughout the United States, CSSI® has aided countless commercial property owners in reducing their tax burden.

Boost your cash flow by up to 8% of your building’s value by partnering with CSSI®. Speak with our team of professionals today to see just how much you could save with a no-cost analysis.

Our predictive analysis is always available to you at no cost. We engage directly with you, the building owner, and work in conjunction with you and your tax professional.

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Maximize Your Savings with Our Detroit Cost Segregation Company

Our skilled team at CSSI® employs specialized engineering-based methods to significantly expedite the depreciation timetables for eligible elements of your building. By converting schedules from the typical 27.5 or 39-year depreciation periods to shorter 5-, 7-, or 15-year spans, you can notably reduce your taxable income.

With CSSI® as your Detroit cost segregation company, you can expect to save up to $100,000 for each $1 million you’ve spent on building expenses. Keep more of what’s yours with CSSI®.

We Analyze All Types of Commercial Buildings in Detroit

From medical centers near the Detroit Institute of Arts to dining establishments in Morningside, our team can carry out a cost segregation study on all categories of commercial real estate. When you’re looking to unlock the highest possible savings from our Detroit cost segregation company, your building simply needs to meet the following two criteria:

Quit overpaying your taxes and keep more money for yourself. Contact CSSI® today.

Cost Segregation Services, LLC Offers a No-Cost Analysis of Your Commercial Asset

With a track record of over 45,000 studies across the U.S., CSSI® stands as the premier cost segregation company in Detroit. Our experienced team can considerably expand your income tax savings and improve your cash flow. We also collaborate with your tax advisor to ensure your savings are correctly applied.

Get in touch with us today for a no-cost, predictive analysis and a comprehensive overview of the financial benefits you can anticipate with our Detroit cost segregation company.

After the evaluation, you’ll be able to strategize how to utilize your newfound savings. Many commercial building owners allocate their savings to:

It’s your money; keep more of it with our Detroit cost segregation company. Reach out to CSSI® today.