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Cost Segregation Studies for Assisted Living Centers & Senior Homes

While assisted living centers are great investments, property owners of assisted living facilities know the business can be expensive. As an owner of a senior living facility, you can maximize your savings with a cost segregation study from CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC. With the tax savings that a cost segregation study provides, assisted living property owners can build more senior homes or use their savings to invest in their business in other ways.

Save Thousands as an Assisted Living Property Owner

Cost segregation studies accelerate the depreciation of qualified building components in your assisted living facility. Instead of the traditional 27.5-year depreciation schedule, certain building components depreciate on a 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule. This accelerated schedule reduces your taxable income and dramatically increases your cash flow – as much as by five to eight percent of your building’s cost.

Assisted living property owners have an enormous opportunity to save on income taxes due to the nature of the property. Assisted living facilities have a great number of rooms, equipment, and specialty components that increases savings.

Components of assisted living complexes that can help save them money include:

Benefits of Getting a Cost Segregation Study Done on Your Senior Center

At CSSI®, our team of professionals has helped many assisted living property owners increase their tax savings. Decreasing your taxable income and maximizing your cash flow with a cost segregation study provides you many opportunities. Many of the property owners use their savings to: 

  • Reinvest in the senior living centers
  • Pay down debt
  • Build additional assisted living facilities

With the impressive savings you gain from a cost segregation study, the opportunities are endless. Our team even works with your tax professional, so they apply the study to your taxes correctly. Talk to our representatives today and discover the potential savings available from your senior home property.

Choose CSSI® for a Cost Segregation Study on Your Assisted Living Center

CSSI® has been providing cost segregation studies to senior facilities and other commercial properties since 2003. With more than 45,000 studies completed, we have the experience and knowledge to get you maximum savings.

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Our engineering-based studies start with a no-cost predictive analysis of your potential savings, so don’t wait any longer. Call CSSI® today to get an engineering-based cost segregation study done on your senior living facility.