Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial Real Estate Brokers Can Offer Cost Segregation with a CSSI® Partnership

At CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC, we partner with real estate brokers to provide tax saving solutions to their clients. When your client is purchasing commercial real estate, we can help them save on income taxes with a cost segregation study. With our partnership and your recommendation, we’ll set your client up for success with a tax-saving solution on the commercial property you secured for them.

How Cost Segregation Works for Commercial Buildings

Cost segregation is a method of re-classifying building components to accelerate depreciation from the standard 27.5- or 39-year to 5-, 7-, or 15- year schedules. This change in accounting is within U.S. tax code guidelines and results in reduced taxable income for commercial property owners.

When you provide the opportunity for your client to take advantage of cost segregation through our partnership, your client can realize great benefits. As a result, you become a trusted advisor.

Become Your Client’s Trusted Advisor & Get More Real Estate Business

As a real estate broker, you want to provide your clients with as much value as possible when they purchase a new commercial property. From title company recommendations to tax-saving opportunities, providing additional value is crucial to your business, which is why a partnership with CSSI® is the perfect solution.

You provide a tax-saving opportunity to your clients when you recommend that CSSI – Cost Segregation Services, LLC performs a study on their building.

With the savings your client receives, they can:

When your client decides to use their savings to purchase another building, you’ll be top of mind. Your client will also recommend you to any business associates that are looking to purchase a commercial building because you provided a monumental solution.

We Make Partnering with Us as a Commercial Real Estate Broker Easy

At CSSI®, we make it easy for you to offer your clients a cost segregation study and all the benefits that go with it without requiring you to do any of the work. After your recommendation, we handle the rest of the process while ensuring you receive all the credit.

We’ve been performing cost segregation studies since 2003, and we have completed more than 45,000 studies on commercial properties of all types. Introduce us to your clients today, and we’ll take care of the rest. We deliver an exceptional experience and significant tax savings. Increase your business today by partnering with us.

Know If Your Real Estate Client Qualifies for A Cost Segregation Study