What is a Cost Segregation Study?

Cost Segregation is a way for commercial property owners to accelerate their buildings’ depreciation, saving significantly on federal taxes. Within the first five years of building ownership, you could save up to $100,000 for every $1 million in building costs. Cost segregation has been recommended by the AICPA and many leading financial publications, including the Journal of Accountancy.

We create a cost segregation study by analyzing your building within U.S. tax code guidelines. This engineering-based study gives you an exact tax plan to accelerate property depreciation and help you write off more costs.

How Does Cost Segregation Work?

Our team of accountants and analysts evaluate your building and its assets. Then, we create a cost segregation study customized to your commercial property. If your building is depreciating on a conventional scale of 27.5- to 39.5-years, a cost segregation study can re-categorize it to depreciate in 5-, 7- or 15- years. And by using the certain method, our study can tell you exactly how much money you could be saving on your taxes.


What Can You Do with a Cost Segregation Study?

Reduce your taxable income:
With accelerated depreciation, you will owe less each year on your federal taxes. Our studies help you get the maximum tax deductions while staying on the right side of U.S. tax code.

Increase your cash flow:
With less taxable income, you can increase your company’s cash flow, year after year. Our cost segregation studies enable you to keep more of the money you make.

Grow your business:
What you do with that money is up to you. Many of our clients use their tax savings to reinvest in their business, purchase property for expanded operations or pay off their principle building payment.

How Does Cost Segregation Services Get You the Highest Tax Savings?

CSSI is everywhere that you are. We have a nation-wide support network, so wherever your property, we can come to you. We’ve helped property owners save on buildings in almost every industry, costing anywhere from $150,000 to $750 million. We evaluate your business from both an engineering-based standpoint and financial standpoint, while keeping in mind your facilities’ unique needs. We can give you the most accurate deduction estimate available, and we will work with your tax professional to implement it.