Dentist Offices

Cost Segregation Study for Dentist Offices

With a cost segregation study from CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, Inc., you can reduce the taxable income for your dentist office and increase cash flow. This money-saving method maximizes your income tax savings so you can use the extra cash to make renovations, expand commercial property space, update equipment, and more. Contact our professional representatives to start saving more for your business.

How Cost Segregation Studies Work & Benefit Dentist Offices

By performing a cost segregation study on your dentist office, our team of professionals accelerates the depreciation schedule of the qualifying components of your dentist office building. We accelerate the schedules from the typical 39-year class life to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives. For dentist offices, equipment is typically accelerated to 7 years. This tax-code approved method allows you to save thousands on income taxes, which you can use to reinvest in your business as you see fit.

Components of a dentist building that qualify for accelerated depreciation include:

Why Dentist Office Building Owners Should Work with CSSI®

Dentist office building owners all over the nation have secured the benefits of a cost segregation study and grown their business. Our team of professionals at CSSI® has conducted over 20,000 cost segregation studies for property owners and dentists since 2003 and know which components to depreciate for maximum savings.

After the study is complete, we work closely with your chosen tax professional to apply the cost segregation study to your annual taxes for a stress-free experience. This way, you can focus on running your business without distraction.

Find Out if Your Dentist Office Building Qualifies for a Cost Segregation Study

To qualify for a cost segregation study, your dentist office building should meet these three requirements:

  • The building or its improvements have a remaining depreciable basis
  • The office building property or its improvements has a cost of at least $200,000
  • As the office building property owner, you are planning to keep the building for at least three more years

Receive a No-Cost Analysis from CSSI®

Contact a CSSI® representative for a no-cost analysis to start saving more of your money. Realize the savings on your dentist office building with a cost segregation study and start planning the future of your business.