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Commercial building owners from Knoxville to Memphis are using their savings from a cost segregation study in Tennessee to their advantage. If you haven’t had a cost segregation study completed on your commercial building, you’re missing out. With a cost segregation study, you could save thousands of dollars on your income taxes and increase your cash flow.

Don’t spend one more minute over paying on your income taxes. Get a cost segregation study in Tennessee and stay compliant with U.S. tax code guidelines when you call CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC

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What is a Cost Segregation Study?

Simply put, a Tennessee cost segregation study is a method of reclassifying eligible building components from real to personal property. The classification change allows the components to depreciate on a shorter timeline. So, instead of building components depreciating on a 27.5- or 39- year schedule, they depreciate on a 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule.

When they depreciate on a shorter schedule, you owe less on your income taxes, which means you save more money! In fact, most commercial building owners who get a cost segregation study in Tennessee save 5%-8% of their building’s cost.  

Is Your Building Eligible for the Benefits of a Cost Segregation Study in Tennessee?

Cost segregation studies in Tennessee are for any type of commercial building. Whether you own an office building in downtown Nashville or an entertainment center in Chattanooga, you can save big if you meet two building requirements.

To be eligible for a cost segregation study in Tennessee, your commercial building must:

If your commercial building meets those requirements, then you can get started saving on your income taxes today by calling CSSI® and talking to our representatives.

Many commercial building owners use their savings to: 

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Start a Cost Segregation Study in Tennessee with a No-Cost Analysis

Since 2003, our team of professionals has completed over 20,000 cost segregation studies in Tennessee and across the United States. As the premier provider, we maximize your tax savings and work with your CPA to ensure the study is applied correctly to your taxes.

We offer predictive, no-cost analysis of your commercial building so you can see your potential savings. Get started today by calling and see how much you can save on your income taxes.