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Cost Segregation Studies for Storage Facilities

Our team of professionals at CSSI® — Cost Segregation Services, Inc. has been conducting engineering-based studies since 2003. With over 20,000 studies completed nationwide, we know the ins and out of performing a study on any type of commercial building – including storage facilities.

We assist storage facility owners in realizing their maximum tax savings through cost segregation studies. A cost segregation study works by accelerating the depreciation of building components in your storage facility from the typical 27.5- or 39-year class lives to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives. This reduces taxable income and increases cash flow.

Where Storage Facilities Have Greater Opportunities for Savings with a Study

A cost segregation study for a storage facility differs from a traditional building because of the components that are depreciated. Storage facilities realize great benefits through a cost segregation study because of its unique property type. When compared with shopping complexes or warehouses, storage facilities can have greater savings opportunities. Interior, climate-controlled self-storage properties will see a higher reallocation percentage due to their additional components.

Components taken into account include:

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A cost segregation study typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Our team of professionals remain on top of a study throughout the entire process and work with your tax professional, so you’re getting the best possible savings on your storage facility property. Contact the experts at CSSI® today to explore the possible tax savings your commercial property can yield.