Cost Segregation Services to Increase Your Tennessee Business’s Cash Flow

Commercial property owners in Tennessee are maximizing their income tax savings and increasing their cash flow by millions of dollars by utilizing cost segregation services.

CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC has been helping commercial property owners from Memphis to Knoxville earn enormous tax savings. If you own or lease a commercial property that was acquired after December 31, 1986, you too can take advantage of these amazing tax benefits. But where do you start?

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Start by contacting CSSI®. Since 2003, we have worked with Tennessee commercial property owners to provide them with engineering-based cost segregation studies that save them money on their taxes. Whether you own a marvelous music venue in Nashville or a modest hotel in Cades Cove, we can help fuel your business with massive tax savings.

How Cost Segregation Services Help Tennessee Businesses Save

Cost segregation allows commercial property owners to accelerate their building’s depreciation, which reduces the amount of taxes owed on the property. Accelerating from the conventional 27.5- and 39-year class lives, a cost segregation study shortens the depreciation of the building or renovation components to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives.


Our engineering-based cost segregation studies result in a significantly faster depreciation schedule, and a greatly reduced taxable income. Tennessee commercial property owners that have utilized our cost segregation services have enjoyed massive increases in cash flow. They were able to reinvest into their businesses, purchase additional property, and even eliminate debt.

Ultimately, the money you save through cost segregation services is yours to spend however you want.

What Can Cost Segregation Services be Applied To?

Tax code rulings for cost segregation in Tennessee state that a study can be applied to buildings acquired after December 31, 1986, including renovations. You don’t even need to amend your tax return.

A study by CSSI® will provide you and your tax professional with the precise calculations for depreciation of various components and building systems. These calculations may be necessary to utilize the “Repair Regulations” categories.

Cost segregation services can be applied to commercial buildings of all kinds. Cost segregation separate the building components for accelerated depreciation. Common components include:

CSSI® Provides Top-Quality Cost Segregation Services Throughout Tennessee

CSSI® is a highly skilled and experienced cost segregation services provider. Our dedicated team of professionals makes it easy for Tennessee commercial property owners to get all the benefits of cost segregation services. No matter where you’re located in Tennessee, we can provide you with a cost segregation study that will earn you massive tax savings. With a no-cost analysis, we can show you your potential savings. Trust the experts at CSSI® to get you the maximum amount of tax savings and help your Tennessee business thrive.

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