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Do you own commercial property and want to save money on your income taxes? At CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC serving South Carolina, we provide cost segregation studies to commercial property owners to increase their cash flow by 5% – 8% of their building’s costs.

You can get started on obtaining significant income tax savings when you contact our representatives for a no-cost analysis to see your estimated savings. Talk to us today and join the other commercial property owners who have taken advantage of cost segregation services in South Carolina.

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How Cost Segregation Services in South Carolina Saves You Money

Cost segregation services for South Carolina commercial property owners reduce the amount of income taxes you owe. This is accomplished by accelerating the depreciation schedule of eligible building components according to tax law.

The depreciation schedule is reduced from the traditional 27.5- and 39-year schedule to a 5-, 7-, or 15-year schedule depending on the component. The acceleration of depreciation schedules from cost segregation services for South Carolina property owners results in increased cash flow for you.

Whether you own a golf course near North Charleston, a hotel on Hilton Head Island, or a warehouse in Greenville, Cost Segregation Services, LLC, serving South Carolina, can assist you.

Our team of professionals provides cost segregation services to South Carolina commercial property owners if your building meets the following requirements:

It’s Your Money. Keep More of It.

How You Can Use Your Savings from Cost Segregation Services in South Carolina

After receiving cost segregation services in South Carolina, many commercial property owners use their savings to their advantage.

  • Pay Down Debt
  • Expand Their Business
  • Acquire New Property
  • Use it for Other Business Expenses or Ventures

When it comes to your savings, the possibilities are endless. From Rock Hill to Ridgeland and everywhere in between, you can get the savings you need as a commercial property owner in South Carolina with cost segregation services.

Popular Commercial Properties for Cost Segregation Services in South Carolina

Our team of professionals can perform cost segregation services in South Carolina on any commercial building when it meets the date and cost-basis requirements.

Get Started with Cost Segregation Services for South Carolina Commercial Property Owners

Join the thousands of business owners across the United States who have already taken advantage of cost segregation. Our nationwide team has completed over 45,000 studies and is ready to provide cost segregation services to you in South Carolina. Maximize your income tax savings and do more with your money.

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