Cost Segregation Services for Your Dallas Commercial Property

Could your Dallas business benefit from a massive cash boost? We’re talking about thousands of dollars of extra money in your pocket. Fuel your business with huge savings by utilizing cost segregation services.

Cost segregation services allow Dallas commercial property owners to save big by maximizing their tax savings. Saving thousands of dollars on your taxes keeps more money in your bank account that you can use for whatever your business may need.

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CSSI® – Cost Segregation Services, LLC has helped Dallas commercial property owners save massive amounts of money on their taxes since 2003.  We partner with Dallas commercial property owners to help them save enormous sums of money on their taxes with engineering-based cost segregation studies.

Whether you own a charming restaurant in Trinity Groves or a marvelous theater in the Arts District, we can help you fuel your business with huge tax savings.

How Do Cost Segregation Services Help Dallas Commercial Property Owners?

Commercial properties acquired after December 31, 1986, can be evaluated by our team of professionals. Our cost segregation services allow commercial property owners to speed up their building’s depreciation, which decreases the amount of taxes owed on the property.

A cost segregation study shortens the depreciation of the building or renovation components to 5-, 7-, or 15-year class lives, rather than the standard 27.5- and 39-year class lives.

CSSI® completes engineering-based cost segregation studies following U.S. tax codes that result in thousands of extra dollars in building owners’ pockets come tax season.

Dallas commercial property owners that have partnered with CSSI® have experienced huge increases in cash flow. You, too, can take advantage of these massive tax benefits by contacting CSSI®. With the money saved on taxes after utilizing cost segregation services, you could do wonders for your business. The possibilities include:

The money you save is yours to utilize any way you want.

What Can Cost Segregation Services Be Applied To?

Cost segregation services can be applied to all kinds of commercial buildings. United States tax code rulings state that a cost segregation study can be applied to buildings acquired after December 31, 1986. This includes renovations. You don’t even need to amend your tax return.

Cost segregation services by CSSI® provides the exact calculations for depreciation of various components and building systems to you and your tax professional. These calculations may be required to utilize the “Repair Regulations” categories.

Cost segregation separates the different components of the building to speed up depreciation for tax purposes. Common components include:

Partner with an Excellent Cost Segregation Services Provider for Dallas Businesses

CSSI® has been the expert in cost segregation since 2003. Our dedicated team of highly-experienced professionals makes it easy for Dallas commercial property owners to benefit substantially from a study. No matter where your property is located in Dallas, we can provide you with cost segregation services that will save you an enormous sum of money.

We provide a no-cost analysis to show you your potential savings without any risk. Let the cost segregation experts at CSSI® maximize your tax savings and help you fuel your Dallas business.

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