Case Study – Wine Storage Facility

This unique facility is largely underground. As you might expect, a wine storage facility is what would normally be described as a “Bare-Bones” building. Never-the-less, CSSI’s detail oriented engineering-based cost segregation study was able to identify $248,801 in 5, 7 or 15 year assets that otherwise would have been depreciated over 39 years. Dedication to detail led to $100,018 in tax savings for the client.

Industrial property covers a wide range of different buildings from self-storage facilities to flex space and large distribution warehouses. While at first glance, the average Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owner might think there is little that can be segregated into the 5, 7 and 15 years shorter term asset classes. Closer examination reveals this not the case.

While there is a high degree of variation in how much office space may or may not be in a particular facility, roll-up doors, dock leveling devices and structures, protective bollards, paving, fencing and site preparation are just a small example of the numerous items that qualify for shorter definitions.

“The bottom line speaks for itself… CSSI saved us over $500,000 in cash. In these economic times no one in business can afford to let that kind of money slip way.”

– J.P. – CEO

The best way to determine the potential benefits from an engineering-based cost segregation study is to get a complimentary Property / Asset Valuation Analysis today. Knowing the specifics on your property can be had at no cost, no risk and without obligation. A few simple questions and you’ll have your results in 48 hours.